About Me

The short: I’m a software designer who likes to document her travels.

The long: A few years ago after extended travels in Europe and South America, I made a goal to take a year off of work to solidly devote my time to traveling solo. Living in Omaha as a single gal, I saved my money and got career experience while determining that 2020 was the right year for me to jet off. As the farthest place away from Omaha, New Zealand seemed like a good place to start. I had a general plan to continue through Southeast Asia and into Europe, but due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic declared in March 2020, I had to skip back to the US for a bit. I hope to restart my travels once things calm down — here’s hoping 2021 looks better!

Other stuff: I run sometimes. I like horror movies and Carrie Bradshaw. I used to work in the music industry doing concert photography and live sound. I once owned a pet tarantula named Tatiana. I love personality systems, particularly the Enneagram.

My other work:

falsebody.com / mollymisek.com

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